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Before knowing your personality based on your favourite colour, I want to know that how you decide that particular is your favourite colour? What makes you feel that this colour is your favourite one? Have you ever feel confused between colours? So, here are some tricks to understand and find out your favourite colour. First of all just check your wardrobe and see which colour is there more than other colours. Or observe your own behaviour that which colour attracts you more, there you got your favourite colour. Now read what your favourite colour says about you.


Red colour is associated with passion, strong emotion, love, power, courage, anger and danger. The person whose favourite colour is Red might have these characteristics. He or she can be passionate in their work. Whatever they do they do it with full excitement and energy. Red colour is related with strong emotion especially love and anger. These people may get angry easily and when they love someone, they love with passion. They are energetic, full of power and courageous therefore many times they take risk in their life. Some people are observed having dominant personality.


Pink colour is the combination of white and red that’s why it shows the characteristics of both white and red. So, it is associated with softness, reserved, feminine. The people whose favourite colour is Pink are very soft in nature and show the feminine characteristics that’s why pink colour is often associated with girls and feminine. It is often observed that women are more likely to choose pink than men. Men who like pink shows feminine characteristics. Some people whose favourite colour is pink are observed as being reserved and down to earth.


Purple colour is associated with some adjectives like mysterious, noble, glamorous, royal and luxury. The people whose favourite colour is Purple are diplomatic and manipulative in nature. They use their brain when they speak and good at convincing others. They are also good at hiding the secrets that’s why they are called mysterious. But at other hand, they are noble, royal and glamourous. They are often observed wearing glamourous clothes and they have good fashion sense. They love to live with luxury that’s why they have urge to generate more income.


Blue colour is associated with wisdom, hope, logics, peace, stableness, thoughtfulness and intelligence. The people whose favourite colour is blue are stable and thoughtful. They often live in peace and deal with the things with calmness. They are more practical than others. They often solve problems in a scientific way that means they use logics and makes plan to solve the issue, these things makes them intelligent.


Green colour is associated with nature, growth, freshness, productivity, harmony, fertility, vitality and creativity. The people whose favourite colour is green are creative and productive. They give their best in out of the box thinking. They are good at maintaining the harmony in personal as well as professional life. They are versatile and growth oriented. They love to learn new things that can help them with innovative ideas.


Yellow colour is associated with hope, joy, brightness, happiness, positivity and optimism. People whose favourite colour is yellow are seen as the happiest person. They are joyful and cheerful, sometimes they also show their childish side. They have a habit of perceiving things with a positive approach. They are very hopeful and optimistic that’s why they always see the bright side of the problems. They don’t like to be serious therefore they do things in a joyful manner and enjoy every phases of the life.


Orange colour is the combination of red and yellow that’s why it shows the characteristics of both red and yellow. So, it is associated with warmth, kindness, joy and cheerfulness. People who likes orange often seen as joyful, fun loving and cheerful. They often have warm relations with other people and they show kindness towards needy.


White colour is associated with purity, calmness, truth, innocence, fresh, spiritual and indifference. People who likes white more than other colours are calm, innocent and pure in nature. They love to be true with others as well as himself. They view the world with logical as well as philosophical perspective. They are often involved in spirituality and strongly believed in spiritual or supernatural energy. They sometime show indifferent behaviour. These people don’t like to be engaged with everyone, they come closer only to those who are also pure, calm and truth lover.


Black colour is associated with noble, mysterious, cold, luxury, professional, risk management, depressed, evil, grief and pessimism. People who like black are very serious and professional in their work. They are good at risk management task. They are sometimes found as mysterious who hides secrets, truth and facts. Sometime they also show their depressive face and love to be alone. They are more vulnerable to feel sadness, grief and depression that’s why they have a pessimistic approach to the world.

Well not every characteristics of your favourite colour will be matched with you or it may seems opposite to your personality because there are individual differences due to family background, cultural differences, your surroundings, ideology etc. So, this is not the appropriate way to assess your personality or others but it can give you a general idea of any individual. There are number of colour personality tests available that can assess your personality properly.

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