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Our habits affect our well-being and make us mentally ill. We do these things unintentionally that directly affect our mental health. So we need to change these habits to protect ourselves from mental illness.

1. Wrong Mindset

Having wrong and negative mindset about your own potentials and abilities will down your self-esteem and confidence which will make you feel worthless.

Everyone is different and unique. They are right on their own perspective. Having wrong and negative notions about other people and the other culture will let you perceive negativity everywhere.

Norms and rules can be changed according to the situation or the importance of it at particular time, if there is no logic or science behind any ritual, it is better to not to follow it.

Thinking illogically will block your mind to see the reality.

2. Overthinking

Thinking too much about you failures, mistakes and obstacles will develop fear in you to do anything and to take responsibility. You also won’t be able to find alternative solutions.

Overthinking about negative experiences will lead you to feel stress and depression. It also block you for logical thinking and to face problems effectively.

3. Focusing on Problems

Focusing too much on problems will make you to perceive problems unsolvable. It increases the intensity and negative effect of problems that block the path to solutions.

Focusing too much on problems will shape your mind to see problems everywhere.

4. Lack of Realization

Not realizing the actual reasons behind the problem will create hindrance in its solution.

Thinking that you are the only one who is right and everyone else is wrong will block you to see the reality.

We are humans, not God. We don’t know each and everything. Having rigid beliefs that you know everything hinders you to learn new things.

5. Having Toxic Friends

Time never returns. You can utilize your precious time to learn new things and you can also spend your time with people who shares knowledge and their life experiences that will shape your personality.

Jealous people never want you to be succeed in life. They always eat your time in rubbish discussion.

6. Consuming Negative Information

Reality shows and daily soaps are filled with negativity. It teaches competition, jealousy, cheating on someone, mistrust and develop relationship issues.

News media are meant to show negative news and sometimes try to divert the audience by fake journalism (exceptions are there).

Consumption of negative content will lead you to think negatively and to perceive negativity. It will make you passive and pessimistic and block possibility of hope.

Negative information shape your mind to think in accordingly and hinders your ability to see the bright side or another side.

7. Attracting Negative Energy

When you attract negative energy it develop negativity in you and in your surroundings which then leads to physical and mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, envy.

Stress affect our physical health, it reduces our immunity, headache and body ache, heart diseases etc.


Apply these solutions in your life and experience the positive change in you and in your surroundings. Also help other people with these solutions.

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