PsychoSafari is dedicated to providing self improvement content to everyone who wish to change their life by learning positive way of thinking and perception. This website will publish self help content, inspirational and motivational articles, as well as book review. The main focus of the content is on happiness, personal growth and personality development, academic success, well-being, relationship issues and even productivity advice based on self help books and psychological research and findings.

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Charu is very enthusiastic, courageous and energetic from her childhood. She loves helping others for free. As she is a certified Guidance Psychologist and Counsellor, she decided to open a platform on social media to provide help through counselling and online sessions to everyone. She has worked with schools and coaching centres as a counsellor and Psychology teacher. Currently she is an Assistant Professor at Amity University and pursuing PhD. in Positive Psychology. The unawareness of mental health in India and the deadly outcome of this unawareness strikes her emotions that made her to do such thing. She believes people have the power, energy, potential and intelligence to do anything and achieve success if their strengths and talents are used in the right direction. 

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"Charu is extremely professional with her work, very effective and efficient teacher"
Jyoti Tondon
"One of the best educator for Psychology, so guys go ahead for this and subscribe it"
Faeza Jabeen
"She is very interesting, inspiring and knowledgeable, great writer and best career counsellor"
Yashaswi Srivastav