Wellcome to our Counselling Services

We help people to overcome their stress and live a healthy & happy life.

Hello! Welcome to PsychoSafari counselling services.

If you are dealing with any kind of stress or issue that you cannot share with your relatives & friends, you can talk to our certified & professional counsellors.

We understand that sometimes you get stuck with some life issues and you cant share your feelings and thoughts to your friends and family because they may judge you in a negative way and this overwhelming feeling destroy your mental health and well-being.

So we are here to listen you non-judgementally and carefully. We help people to overcome from their stress and anxiety. We help people to work on theirselves to improve their health, well-being and personality.

We help people with different techniques according to their problems. Feel free to book an appointment with us.

Board exam special: Free counselling for students only.

We Offers

Relationship Counselling

Family Counselling

Child Counselling

Career Counselling

Personal Counselling


Pre-Wedding Counselling

Student Counselling

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Monday – Sunday
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