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Many Psychology students are unaware of different kinds of jobs with Psychology degree, they only know about teaching and counselling jobs.

I explored some jobs for Psychology graduates which can be done even from home. Here is the list of work from home jobs:


A transcriber or transcriptionist needs to listen to audio recordings and convert it into text file. These recordings could be interviews, college lectures, speeches etc.

You can work full-time, part-time or as a freelance transcriber depending upon the company. The average salary for a transcriptionist is approx. ₹21,906/- per month in India.

Here are some platform where you can find transcriber/transcriptionist jobs:

Online teaching

In this digital era online teachers are on high demand. Through online teaching you can reach to the students who are living far from you. Even I have a student from North-East India.

Since this works digitally, you need to have a high speed internet connection and a computer. You can also start with your phone but later computer is must.

Here are some platforms you can find online teaching jobs:

Content writer

If you love to share your knowledge and experience through writing and if you have good writing skills you can work as a content writer for magazines, websites, blogs or online media. 

The average salary of a content writer in India is approx. ₹28,000/- per month depending upon the magazine or blog website you work with.

You can start your journey as a content writer with these platforms:

You can also write for my blog as a volunteer to get writing experience. Mail me your resume with a sample of your writing here.

Story writer

If you have skills to create a story that beautifully explains the psychological phenomenon, you can try this. Now-a-days cinema or online media make movies on psychological phenomenon.

Initially it may hard to make decent money but with the creativity you can earn even in lacs.

Here are some movies plotted on psychological phenomenon:

  • Phobia (Hindi)
  • Naan Sigappu Manithan (Tamil)
  • Jod (Hindi)
  • Memento (English)

Academic writer

If you are good at writing scientific reports or research paper or any article which has focus on research data, you can work as academic writer for many government or private organizations.

The average salary range of academic writer is ₹13000/- to 50000/- per month depending upon the organization and your work experience. You can find academic writing jobs on job boards.


If you have skills to understand people’s problems, to find the reason behind any behaviour and willing to help others in solving their issues, you can work as a counsellor.

There are many types of counsellors depending upon the specific population and issues. You can work at schools, NGO’s, hospitals.

For being a counsellor a diploma in counselling is needed (not compulsory) with master’s degree in Psychology. The average salary of a counsellor in India is 3 lacs per annum.

You can approach to these organizations:

Research assistant

Research assistant provides support to research fellows or research team of institutions and research centres with their research skills. They support with designing research, data collection, analysis and report writing.

Mostly organizations hire research assistant on contract basis but there are some other organisations who hire on permanent basis.

To work as a research assistant, you must have a Ph.D. degree, masters can also apply for this post. The average base salary of research assistant is approx. ₹22000/- per month.


Copywriters are completely different from content writers who write to share knowledge. Copywriters mainly write copy which is sales page, sales letters or any marketing materials to drive the company’s sales.

Copywriting is a high-ticket skill which makes handsome amount of money. The average copywriter salary in India is approx. 3 lacs per annum, which will be increased with experience.

Well, there is no essential educational qualification for copywriters but a degree in business, marketing and organizational psychology can help you to write a good copy.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

A person who has expertise in particular area or topic is known as Subject Matter Expert. They have deep knowledge and understanding of the subject or area.

The role of the SME is to develop materials having correct and accurate data or information such as a book, manual, policy etc.

A Subject Matter Expert earn approx. ₹17000/- per month in India. You can find job at Chegg Subject Matter Expert India based company.

Human Resources (HR)

An HR is a person who support the organisation in managing its employees by recruiting, hiring, training, promoting and terminating.

For being an HR, an MBA with human resources is must but you can also work with a diploma in human resources.

An average HR manager salary in India is 6 lacs per annum.

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